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We need 41 scholarships this season, tuition for 9 months of programming is $300. 



The Elf Limited Train in Cass was recognized as #5 of the Best Holiday Train Rides in America according to The Daily Meal This is an original theme created by The Old Brick Team that involves Elves who are testing for the honor of working in Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole. This experience is once again in collaboration with our fabulous friends at the Durbin Greenbrier Valley Railroad who provide the stunning historical cars and locomotive, a stellar train crew, and a tranquil journey in one of the most beautiful locations in Appalachia. They worked tirelessly to make this track available for this particular experience. The feel is homespun, magical, and sweet- with fresh pine, and a dazzling Woodland Santa who is surrounded by madcap merrymaking Elves. We find onboard as we do in everyday ventures that life is more genuine if you walk through it with joy and love in your heart. The deepest of gratitude to all who have given a bit of themselves to generate this cheery frolic. Let the dance continue.…/all-aboard-the-best-christ…/ss-AAuwSJ0li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=mailsignout