Hello Friends!

Hello Friends! The Old Brick announces our current fundraiser; Every Star Counts-Celebrate the Brick Centennial. We are aiming to raise $25,000 in August and September. With the recent elimination of the WV Department of Education and the Arts we have lost a significant portion of our funding for programming. This is why we are reaching out to all of you. Last year alone- we provided programming for nearly 40,000 children and youth. If you have been impacted by our organization in any way -any amount you can donate is significant. Please help the Arts and Positive Energy stay alive in our community.
Much Love, the Old Brick Team.


Find Your Power!

Buy a ticket for The Alpine School of Magic and Virtue. This event includes a fascinating train journey on the Mystic Flyer, instructions from the enchanted Alpine instructors, and an extraordinary celebration at Trillium Castle. If you love tales of wizards and whimsy- this is not to be missed. Enjoy a Grazing Feast and Celebration after your train journey at The Alpine School of Virtue and Magic! Wear your Wizarding regalia, purchase tickets, and Find Your Power!